The Ninth Square district of New Haven provides the ideal backdrop for the salon's vintage inspired decor


Visually stimulating yet acoustically calming, Euphoria nourishes the soul and quells a restless mind, offering an intimate atmosphere to lounge in while you await your appointment.

An eclectic mix of vintage and modern decor give Euphoria an aura of cool sophistication, while work from local artists adorn the walls, lending an element of surprise on any given visit.

Upon meeting, Enola will listen to your desires and consult with you on design, receiving direction from you and employing her expertise to create the image you aspire to embody.

Your haircut begins with a stress relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage, followed by an invigorating shampoo, and finished using the high quality products the salon carries, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, with an elevated mood…euphoria



Each of our staff is accomplished in their position and guided by Enola to ensure consistent service and harmonious synergy

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The most advanced system for creating vibrant, healthy hair colour




A collection of word meanings and their usage as applied by Euphoria

Colour Renewal
Colouring the first 1/4 – 3/4 inch of new hair.
– an additional charge may be added for hair beyond the limitation of this service

Colour Revamping
Complete change or correction of displeasing colour, requiring removal of colour deposit and application of desired colour.
– a $75 deposit is required upon booking this appointment which is non-refundable within 48 hours of the appointment time

Colour Balance or Elumen Balance
As hair colour oxidizes or fades due to sun exposure, chlorinated water or harsh shampoos, additional colour is required to equalize the depth or vibrancy of a colour renewal. A balance is also applied when additional colour is required for a change of desired colour.

Hair Lengths
Short – chin-length or shorter with exposed neck
Medium – between chin-length and just free of shoulders
Long – touching shoulder and beyond
Extra long – beyond bottom of shoulder blade

Nufree Nudesse 98.6°
A soy based, no wax, anti-microbial liquid hair removal system that completely uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft. Reduces pain of stretching or tearing the skin as it does not dry or stick to the skin. Using Nufree in combination with Finipil antibacterial/anti-microbial lotion slows the development of new hair cells, leaving the skin free of unwanted hair for weeks.

An antibacterial/anti-microbial lotion that cools skin by dropping the temperature of empty follicles, freezing away swelling. Use daily to keep skin sanitary and follicles clean and free of foreign matter, protecting against ingrown hairs.





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